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Jan 27, 2014
Category: General
Posted by: andy

Every week the driveway seems to be getting worse. The spalling is taking hold.

Dec 20, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: andy

The trim on the front of my home that was fixed last fall is cracked again.

Jul 10, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: andy
I just noticed that my concrete driveway is starting to spall. It is only a year and a half old.
Jun 4, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: andy

I recently noticed the stucco on the north side of my house is bubbling in places and starting to flake off.


Apr 24, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: andy

Four of my kitchen cabinet doors have stripped screws and are falling off.

Issues With Alpine Homes in Utah

On this page I will document in short all the issues and problems I have with Alpine Homes LLC here in Utah as they happen.

  1. Initially Alpine Homes of Utah rushed me into signing the contract. I refused to sign until I read the content. Alpine Homes agent Brad Morgan was upset he couldn't get the offer in before the weekend.
  2. Alpine Homes agent Brad Morgan is constantly unable to contact or otherwise get a hold of.
  3. Alpine Homes agent Brad Morgan commonly took 2 weeks to get answers to my questions.
  4. Alpine Homes agent Brad Morgan misrepresented how long the foundation had been there. He said 2 years. Actual was 5 years. It is 2011 and the foundation had been there since 2006.
  5. Alpine Homes wouldn't let me talk to anybody that could make a decision. I was never allowed to meet with the builder.
  6. Contract stipulated that I use their lender or pay my own lending costs. I had that changed before I signed.
  7. Contract doesn't ensure they will adhere to building codes.
  8. They won't sign an addendum stating they will adhere to building codes.
  9. I was not given expectations regarding the design center causing a rushed visit and not all questions answered.
  10. Aspire Design center was lacking helpful staff. I am not a designer and they would not offer design help or opinions. Not having been given these expectations made it a frustrating experience.
  11. Aspire Design center didn't have a good selection of items that seemed basic to me such as trims that matched like soffit, fascia, and drip edge.
  12. Most of Aspire Design cabinet doors in my home are warped. Not just 1 or 2 but 8 of the upper doors and 4 lower doors. None of these hang flush against the cabinets and the adjustable hinges they used won't adjust enough to fix the issue.
  13. The installer of the cabinet trim left visible scuffs at each and every nail location.
  14. Since we were rushed, Sara Reheis from Alpine Homes told us we can still change colors later. When we came back concerned about color Sara Reheis tells us they are doing us a favor by not charging us.
  15. Once the contract was signed, Alpine Homes would not provide details of the home within a reasonable amount of time. The details were delivered after any possible change could be made.
  16. Many promises made by the selling agent and other staff are being retracted.
  17. The Alpine Homes foreman for my home lied about how the dining room ceiling was to be built even when the plans he was holding explained what I had described to him.
  18. Contract items that are clearly on paper and signed are getting done incorrectly.
    • Wing wall in dining room.
    • Wing wall in kitchen.
    • Light switches in kitchen
    • Missing wall in bathroom
  19. Alpine Homes of Utah constantly make assurances that things will get done as expected and then they don't, leaving me without basic simple things that are easy to do at construction time and that make a huge difference on the final product.
    • Trim details on front of home
    • Window sizes
    • Light switch locations
    • Kitchen wall
  20. Poor craftsmanship
    • Crooked window sills - fixed after walkthrough
    • Soffit, fascia, and drip edge poorly installed and damaged in many places
  21. Rain gutter with no downspout. It just drips from 15 feet up onto my driveway.
  22. Garage door opener installed on two car garage door is made for a single car door.
  23. Installed telephone outlets instead of CAT5.
  24. The driveway concrete is horribly stained from whatever they used to cover it in the cold.
  25. Alpine Homes left a hill of dirt in our back yard costing me a lot of money to remove.
  26. Debris and nails can be felt under the carpet throughout the house. I keep finding more every week.
  27. Engineered wood floors were not protected while still in construction and I have found multiple places they had to 'fix' it.
  28. 2 windows in the basement have cracked frames from the Alpine Homes workers climbing in and out of the windows.
  29. After 3 months of emails and waiting, Alpine Homes finally tells me they lost our color sample Sara Reheis promised she would return.
  30. We had a rain storm and had major water leaking past our living room window, dining room sliding door, downstairs window and into our cold storage area.
  31. Cabinet door hinges in 4 places are stripped and won't tighten.
  32. Furnace ventilation too low to the ground sucks in debris and will get covered in winter. It is not to code.
  33. Stucco cracks on the front of the house trim.
  34. Four more cabinet doors are falling off the frame with stripped screws.


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