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Jan 27, 2014
Category: General
Posted by: andy

Every week the driveway seems to be getting worse. The spalling is taking hold.

Dec 20, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: andy

The trim on the front of my home that was fixed last fall is cracked again.

Jul 10, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: andy
I just noticed that my concrete driveway is starting to spall. It is only a year and a half old.
Jun 4, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: andy

I recently noticed the stucco on the north side of my house is bubbling in places and starting to flake off.


Apr 24, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: andy

Four of my kitchen cabinet doors have stripped screws and are falling off.

Warranty Requests from Alpine Homes

I have only owned the home since January and already I have had to get multiple warranty requests from Alpine Homes. Here are the items that I have requested warranty work to be done. These are all things that if they would have taken an extra 5 minutes to do it right the first time I wouldn't have to waste my time and theirs to fix. Also, I would like to note that fixes don't look as good as if it was done right the first time. The fixes Alpine Home did were just barely enough to consider it a fix. Most of their "fixes" won't last.

  1. Major driveway concrete discoloration - Did nothing
  2. Shingles blew off the roof - Warrantied
  3. There is a window frame that is broken. A poorly placed nail from the installers and a worker stepping on the frame is the cause of the break. - Warrantied (plastic welded it back together - what I would call a temporary fix)
  4. Cabinet doors are warped and don't close flush against the cabinet - Warrantied (replaced some but a few still warped)
  5. All the spots where the installer put nails in the cabinetry to install trim is scuffed - Warrantied (temporary fix by spraying with wood shiner)
  6. There are 2 pieces of the banister that have fallen off because they were never nailed on - Warrantied
  7. Major water leak during rain storm in living room window. Water streaming down the wall under the window and soaking the carpet. The water also streams down into the basement - Warrantied (plastic welded the 5 holes. a temporary fix)
  8. Water leaking through north basement window - Warrantied (put caulking around window like I had asked originally before this happened)
  9. Water streams down the wall on the north side and the south side of the cold storage area. - Warrantied(left me with a mess of broken wood and a fix leaked again)
  10. During rain storm, water builds up in the sliding glass door. - Did nothing
  11. 4 cabinet door hinges are falling off the cabinets. The screws are stripped. - Warrantied (merely filled the stripped holes with material and screwed back in. Not likely to last and more have fallen since)
  12. One of the recently replaced cabinet doors is still completely warped and doesn't close flush against the cabinet. - Warrantied(These cabinet doors are not good quality. They shouldn't even be made the large sizes they made)
  13. A cabinet door has fallen off the cabinet frame. The screws which are really short have stripped completely out of the frame. - Warrantied(another fix that is not likely to last and more have stripped since)
  14. Furnace vent to outside is not to code and will cause a dangerous situation in the winter - NOT Warrantied
  15. Wide cracks in our stucco trim- Warrantied - 3 months later cracking again
  16. More leaks in basement (see previous water leak 'fixed' by Alpine Homes)
  17. Back window leaking... again. This time it is leaking from the top of the window. - Still Waiting
  18. Water leaking from the foundation in the basement in 4 different locations. One location caused flooding - Fixed 3 Times
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