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Jan 27, 2014
Category: General
Posted by: andy

Every week the driveway seems to be getting worse. The spalling is taking hold.

Dec 20, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: andy

The trim on the front of my home that was fixed last fall is cracked again.

Jul 10, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: andy
I just noticed that my concrete driveway is starting to spall. It is only a year and a half old.
Jun 4, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: andy

I recently noticed the stucco on the north side of my house is bubbling in places and starting to flake off.


Apr 24, 2013
Category: General
Posted by: andy

Four of my kitchen cabinet doors have stripped screws and are falling off.

Quality Issues

Alpine Homes claims they build a quality home for their customers. I have my doubts after having them build me my home. Here is a list of things that should have never been if they would have done quality work:

  • My bathroom has sheetrock that wasn't properly placed into the corner and bends into the room so it isn't square to the wall below
  • My front door bolt lock wasn't installed correctly so it would get stuck or pop out a piece holding it in
  • The basement door wouldn't stay closed because it was improperly lined up
  • The mound of dirt Alpine Homes left in my back yard instead of taking the time to level my back yard to the property line. Cost me $400 to remove.
  • The cold storage opening that is on the wrong wall so the 'future room' there has a cold storage entrance instead of in the 'future hallway' containing the door
  • The 5, count them, 5 nails that were nailed into the window frame that caused the leaking we had (whoever did this even noticed the nails were incorrectly placed and removed them leaving the holes that caused the leak)
  • The lack of primer throughout my home
  • The poorly placed banister trim that I can see a space between the boards almost an eighth of an inch wide
  • The unfinished and jagged edge on the bottom of most if not all the doors in my house
  • The poorly painted front door that looks like the painter over applied the paint in some areas
  • The debris and nails I can feel under the carpet throughout the house
  • The mismatched paint color Alpine Homes used to make patches on my walls after the walk-through
  • The places in my engineered wood where Alpine Homes workers dropped tools and damaged it
  • The poorly repaired gouges in my front doorstep concrete
  • Very prevalent concrete staining left from the poorly managed curing process
  • The garage door opener can barely pull the door up and it sounds like a dying animal and it's only 6 months old
  • The upstairs carpeted area squeaks a lot. If the floors were done correctly this shouldn't be the case.
  • The cracks in my stucco trim where they decided instead to piece together a bunch of short pieces of foam instead of use a full piece.
  • The roof drip edge that is mangled from poor installation.
  • The driveway concrete surface is spalling. Little chunks everywhere are starting to pop off the surface.
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