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Oct 17, 2011
Category: General
Posted by: andy
Today I walked through the home since all the framing was complete.
Oct 15, 2011
Category: General
Posted by: andy
Threw together a quick website to be of service to those buying a home.

Alpine Homes Review

Here is a quick review of Alpine Homes of Utah. My experience with Alpine Homes has been very poor. This company would tell me one thing and do another. I am told different things from the four people they have me dealing with. Nobody can make a decision except the guy that takes two weeks to get a response from. I don't know how a company like Alpine Homes stays in business. Maybe nobody knows how bad they are because nobody knows how to get the word out at the end of the deal. I am not one to keep my mouth shut when I feel I have been taken advantage of. I want everybody to know my bad experience. If you want details you can poke around this website to see exactly why I review Alpine Homes of Utah so low.

Here is my response to the questions in the poll:

  1. Overall: Very Poor Experience
  2. Quality of workmanship: Decent but Poor in many places
  3. Level of customer communication: Very Poor
  4. Did we make changes: Yes
  5. How well did they follow through with the changes: Very poor
  6. Quality of Products: Very poor
  7. Warranty work:
  8. How well did they take care of warranty work:
  9. Alpine Homes Agent: Very Poor
  10. Design Center experience: Poor
  11. Design Center Staff: Poor
  12. Anything I would like to share: Read my posts on this site
Alpine Homes Utah